“…the most vital function for reproducing humanity has been converted, with the arrival of monotheistic religions and the imposition of the law of the Father-God to an infectious monolith that burdens and crashes the existence of each human being.”

Internationally renowned Professor of Psychology and Rector of the Philosophy Department of Athens University, Mr. Makarios Christodoulou, in a revealing interview interprets fundamental points of his presentation at the conference organized by the Academy of Athens with the subject “And Man created God - The psychological necessity of Deification through time”, attacking sexual taboos and other social obsessions. 
Hypnosis and Psychosis!

D.D.: Mr. Christodoulou, your statements have often surprised society. Could you explain with non-scientific terms the meaning of your phrase: “Society is under a state of massive hypnosis and moreover psychosis”. 
M.C.: Mrs. Dimitriou, the notions of “normal” - “socially accepted” are a resultant of the way each member of society perceives and receives the behaviour of others. Under this spectrum, I ask you to examine our acceptance of various manifestations of violence, and at the same time our lack of accepting manifestations of sexuality. 
For example, bullets, swords, daggers, and stakes can pierce the human body and penetrate it more or less in any TV zone. This imagery is encompassed within the context, if not of normality, surely of the widely accepted. 
This of course can be explained. Violence throughout history is constantly the medium that saves the individual, the family, the tribe, the nation from the threat of the “other”. This is the reason why it remains until today the main subject of study in parallel “educational” mechanisms.
Now, imagine yourself witnessing in the afternoon news a vigorous, glorious penis penetrating a woman’s body. I can imagine you ready to shout “It would be scandalous!” 
D.D.: Indeed…
M.C.: …because the resultant I mentioned before is not only a result of will, it also determines will. In other words, as you asked me, a massacre is a normal-accepted image, while a sexual act is dealt with as a hideous image. 
Thus, the supremacy of this widely accepted resultant proves the collective hypnosis and psychosis. Children play “war” with no remorse, while love with feelings of guilt. Adults consume murder passively every day but experience their sexuality through the peeping hole and with extraordinary twists. 
Now, imagine a society where children would flirt free from guilt and on the other hand feel guilt for anything that implies, even as a game, the taking of a life.
D.D.: Can you distinguish a procedure that may change the direction of this resultant? 
M.C.: Of course! But it is not likely to happen. 
D.D.: What do you mean?
M.C.: Many forces co-exist in society. The avant-garde who can reveal society its “dangerous” side is constantly present, nevertheless scorned and guilty itself. This is an era in which the powers that prevail are carelessness, prosperity and arrogance. There is no need to take care of anything in advance. Economy and growth rates take care of everything. All commercial activities, transactions and productions that secure this growth are rendered legitimate and sanctified. On the other hand, all reactions within the glossy wrap-all seem out of tune, backward, even treacherous!
The Father-God
D.D.: I have a question. Why did this discussion begin in a conference about religion?
M.C.: It’s simple! Exactly because the most vital function for reproducing humanity has been converted, with the arrival of monotheistic religions and the imposing of the law of the Father-God to an infectious monolith that burdens and crashes the existence of each human being.
D.D.: I don’t understand, why are you blaming religion for that?
M.C.: The imposition of laws as a will of the Gods is an old recipe and it is unknown when it was introduced in the society of humans. Libertine that was introduced by the ancient Athenian Democracy brought phenomena of degradation in communities that lacked institutions to promote participation and responsibility of the citizen.
The divine law on the other hand, concentrated the power in the hands of its representatives. Society was moulded and activated around this pole. It’s just that no one would voluntarily offer power to anybody, not even God himself. 
Thus, in a certain moment two invincible “tools” were utilized: guilt for sexual desire and the fear of death. And religion as we all know has obtained the copyright for both of these primordial human agonies.
D.D.: So you are actually saying that the counterpart of human consciousness is the divine law?
M.C.: Exactly. When the consciousness of the citizen is missing it is compensated by the Law of God. The difference is that consciousness grows, is taught and cultivated in a thousand ways and efforts in an advanced society that seeks it, while fear simply exists everywhere.
D.D.: Do you think that the confrontation is unequal? 
M.C.: Fear is there. Consciousness is an achievement of hardship.
D.D.: Let’s return to the issue of sexual taboos…
M.C.: ...indeed, although we haven’t changed subject. Sexual desire is the infinite vital force of humanity, if not of the whole universe. By denying the grandeur of love the only thing left is to commit massive suicide. And this is exactly what we are doing! 
Except if we create the conditions through which humanity shall find the strength to shape its next God. The “self contained Man-God” liberated from guilt for his nature, compromised with death, free to experience the bliss of his inexplicable destiny.
D.D.: Thank you very much.
M.C.: The pleasure was mine.

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