After 84 days of deliberations between 137 representatives of religions and dogmas the 3rd Panreligion Synod summarized its decisions in a brief two page text, unique for the current status of humanity. Reactions of amazement comimg from all social groups have not been recorded yet, since the text was published at dawn today. Since the imprortance of the original text dictates its thorough study and deep comprehension, we present it in full below:

Chapter 11. Humanity in its entire course, the degree that this course is known to us, has evolved hand-in-hand with its gods.

2. In this course, on the one hand glorious memorable deeds and on the other hideous inhuman crimes evoking pain were attributed by man to the will of his gods.

3. Today, as well as in any other time the gods are called to fight the wars of mortals, to sanctify their hatred, to name their prejudices and fears as the “Divine command”.

Chapter 21. More than once, religious communities were transformed into mechanisms through which the few sought wealth and power.

2. Often people in the name of Gods traded on poverty, human suffering, the fear of death, the need for faith and hope in order to acquire benefits of many kinds.

Chapter 31. The Gods existed before the creation of man and will continue to exist after his extinction, uninfluenced by the way human imagination pictures their form and indifferent to man’s deeds.

2. Humans seek the idea and the image of God as well as harmonization with him. This is considered their highest obligation and they act accordingly each time up to the point that their perception and knowledge allows them.

Chapter 41. The supremacy of humans on Nature is phenomenal and nonetheless temporary. God and Nature are identified and man cannot conquer neither God, consequently nor Nature.

2. The words “greed” and “arrogance” summarize the history of man.

3. Greed and arrogance haven’t harmed and will never harm Nature or Gods simply because greed and arrogance and all of humanity is a part of Nature and the Gods.

4. The combination of greed and arrogance are also the cause of all the troubles men have suffered and will suffer.

Chapter 51. The religious communities through their fathers denounce from now on any involvement in mechanisms that reproduce any form of greed and arrogance. 

2. They preach the mutual acceptance of all religious doctrines. Supremacy is an illusion. Modesty is the only knowledge.

3. They denounce their engagement in any transaction of material goods and wealth. They bestow all their assets to charitable organizations and the nations. 

4. The true House of God is Love and Compassion for our fellow men and for Nature, our life-giving mother. Temples are bestowed to the nations as museums of culture and history. 

5. The representatives of the Gods resign from all their privileges, join the societies of men and give with their way of life a living example of denouncing greed and arrogance teaching at the same time love and understanding.

Chapter 61. Life can offer ultimate happiness when it is guided by love and knowledge.

2. Life can bring great unhappiness when it is guided by arrogance and greed.

3. Death is the reunion with the Gods and a magnificent moment similar to birth.

4. Fear is not worthy of the grandeur of life and the Gods.

Synod of all Religions and Dogmas 2007V23

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