An important resolution of the UN Security Council rendered all armament production of any kind and for any use illegal from January 1st 2009. The same applies for citizens, countries or federations that sell or possess them. This resolution, even though it caused frustration to many potential buyers -especially nations, since they had reserved significant funds to acquire these systems- it has been considered obligatory due to the tight pressures imposed a long time now and to all directions by the defense industries themselves. 
It’s characteristic that significant investors around the world have withdrawn their capital due to moral grounds. A milestone in this long-awaited development was the speech of the CEO of Lockmeed Hartin, Daniel Levinson in which he stressed that the primary condition for the survival of humanity is a balanced relation between economic growth and prosperitywhich will penetrate all levels of society, combined with strong morals and a cultural cohesion of the social grid.
This turn -as expected- has ignited international reactions coming mainly from the workforce of this industry that amounts to hundreds of thousands of employees globally and who are now naturally worried about their future.
Apart from that, three African member-states of the UN submitted an application to withdraw from the organization as a statement of their objection on the aforementioned measure. It’s certain that intensive deliberations of the UN with these countries will begin immediately, nevertheless the progress of the talks is uncertain due to interests directly or indirectly served, which will influence the decisions of these countries beyond any moral basis.
In Athens, upheavals flammed up by outraged employees of the Hellenic Aerospace Industry and the Hellenic Arms Industry. Spirits calmed down only after the Minister of Industry, Achilles Palaiokrasas assured the workers that they won’t lose their acquired labor rights since production will shift to other directions. The UN resolution was warmly accepted by the Industry Manufacturers Association and the Jehovah’s Witnesses Church.

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