During their European Congress that takes place every two years the Communist Parties decided to eliminate the term “revolution” from their fundamental principles. The starting point for their presumptions was a study carried out by the International Center for Marxist Research. In a comprehensive evaluation review of the revolutions of the 20th century it concluded that revolutions “were never a conscious choice of large population groups for the reform of society” but mostly “compulsory acts of self-defense against extreme forms of oppression.”
The necessity of vengeance, as mentioned, is “no longer the fertile grounds that cultivate human consciousness in issues of collectivism and socialism.” It’s clear now that “the social avant-garde is obliged to work constantly in order for the citizens to be educated and show respect to the collective commodities”. In analysis, these are the collective standard of living, the conditions of labor, the collective environment, collective education and collective healthcare.

The first goal now is that communists should be pioneering in “organizing social avant-garde and elevating innovative ideas. Under conditions where the globalized economy can be dealt with only as a historic finality, the progressive forces of the world should fight together and work in all possible ways to be ahead of the rapid developments for the benefit of equality and social justice.” 

A harsh critique was expressed on the practices of many national parties that set revolution as their “strategic goal”, postponing under this spectrum solving basic problems of co-existence of individuals and social groups and projecting them to an ideal future without sufficiently or merely analyzing all the existing conditions of labor and life of the citizens. As mentioned, “communists appear as disaster-preaching messiahs and this results in them being astranged both from the people but also by significant ranks of progressive individuals whom they always dealt with suspicion and animosity.” 

And continues that in other cases “through contradictions we marched along with all kinds of sectoral interests in order to establish alliances that unfortunately were proven to be brief and also erosive, as far as the development of the feelings of collectiveness, solidarity and social responsibility are concerned, sentiments that ought to burden the shoulders of each citizen and each social group with a socialistic consciousness.” 

The representatives of the Greek Communist Party walked-out of the Conference characterizing it as a betrayal towards the objectives and the principles communists ought to serve. A severe criticism of the leadership of the Greek Party followed, implying that certain personalities infiltrated the party leading it to its isolation from social progressiveness and the whole of society.

As far as the departure of the Greek Communist Party is concerned, the resolution of the Conference mentioned: “The isolation of communists from their natural environment of action i.e. the wider subversive movement they should organize and enhance, and moreover their transgression to rear-guards of unionists’ struggles, shall be recorded as a success of the existing status quo and of backwardness.” 

The resolution concludes: “Revolution is the every day goal of the individual and of organized groups for social justice, integrity, solidarity and prosperity from the microcosm of the family to the global community. Co-existence, peace and sustainable development are goals that can be materialized through education, self-organization of small social groups, constant social interventions in all levels of structures and the imposition of new structures whenever required. Comrades, co-citizens of the global community, socialism is the future! Socialism or barbarianism!”

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