We live in a fiction world.
A world which our deficient minds have created for us to live in.
A “Real Virtuality” in which our beliefs create for us an often tragic reality.
“The Type Error News” occurred as one more product of deficiency between many.
It appeared after a chain of type errors at a major publishing company.
The false news caused by these type errors spread through TV, radio and internet, confusing millions of people around the world.
A fiction world product of insufficient abilities, fighting another fiction world product of other insufficient abilities.

The publishing house's director responsible for this confusion made the following apologizing statement:
“I truly cannot understand how a thing like this happened to a huge publishing unit like ours. People of our profession say in similar cases that the “type demon” is to blame. In this case, I dare to say it was the “demon of collective consciousness” which was suddenly waken and we all witnessed the consequences… I don’t know what to say… We are sincerely sorry for the incident.”